Product Details: Manufacturer: Artifice Armory

Material- Polyester Woven Elastic Color- Ranger Green, Coyote Brown

Weight- 10 Grams

Size- 40mm, 60mm


Compatible with hook and loop, as well as MOLLE load-bearing systems. Don't let usable space go to waste, using the Auxiliary Equipment Loop you are able to mount a variety of tactical necessities directly to your rig alongside your ammo bearing panel as well as any 3 loop tall MOLLE compatible pouch with a thick elastic that will ensure your gear stays right where you put it.


Works great with:

40mm Enola Gaye WP40 Smoke grenades Taggin Launching shells UV5R and UV82 Radios outfitted with extended batteries CAT Turniquietts And many more objects roughly 40mm in diameter...

60mm R2B Series Pyrotechnic Grenades Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke grenades Enola Gaye EG67 Pyrotechnic grenades Thunder B (And similar) C02 powered grenades M18 Smoke Grenades


Hook and Loop mounting

To apply simply affix the hook and loop portion so that the loop protrudes from your ammo bearing panel and then mount your ammo bearing panel to your choice of compatible load-bearing equipment.


MOLLE mounting

To apply weave the velcro panel in between the MOLLE straps, You will need to skip the center MOLLE Loop on a 3 loop tall mounting platform. The minimum requirement is a 3 loop tall pouch and mounting platform.


Tan 499 Loops Special order only. Email for more info.

Auxiliary Equipment Loop